From design through implementation, High Engineering delivers worry-free rigid rail systems with turnkey service.

Every fall arrest system application is unique. However, when a worker at height needs to move horizontally, the best solution is to connect the worker to a system that moves with them directly overhead as they conduct their work.

Whether the application calls for enclosed track, bridge style, folding rail, or some other variety…our team works closely with onsite staff, safety personnel, engineers, and architects to ensure solutions are optimized for the application.

Rigid Rail systems are versatile and provided with optional bypass to accommodate multiple users for added safety and productivity. If a fall should occur while properly attached to a rigid safety solution, a fall is arrested in less distance than other similar fall arrest lifeline applications. Since the retractable lifeline remains directly above the worker, workers are less likely to swing into an object or the surrounding structure.

High Engineering prides itself on delivering solutions that meet and exceed CSA, ANSI and OSHA requirements.

Rigid Rail Systems

Enclosed Track

No other rigid fall protection system provides by-pass capability combined with the enclosed track for up to 4 or more parallel tracks.

Bridge Style

Bridge systems are ideal for industrial applications with overhead cranes, maintenance applications such as aviation hangers and in cases where fall protection is needed in multiple areas.

Folding Rail

Folding rigid rail systems provide all of the same features and benefits as fixed systems but are able to be swung out of the way when not in use.

Pre-Engineered Rigid Rail

A quick, easy, and economical alternative to custom rigid rail systems.
Portable Rigid Rail

Portable Rigid Rail

Provide temporary fall protection for field service crews and more that's simple to relocated wherever it's required..


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