Window washing presents maintenance crews with at height fall hazards on regular occasion. High Engineering offers a variety of solutions to keep your workforce safe during these cleaning operations.

High Engineering awareness of the hazards and procedures of Window Washing applications, in conjunction with our specialized Engineering knowledge of fall arrest systems, positions us to develop and implement fall safety solutions for a variety of structures and locations.

Our inspection and certification scheduling ensures the operation and maintenance of any permanent fall protection systems for the life their use.

Window Washing procedures require a range of both passive and active fall protection solutions including Single Point Anchors, Tieback Anchors, Skylight Screens, as well as Custom Solutions and High Engineering has designed and installed them all.

Single Point Anchors, Tieback Anchors, as well as Horizontal Lifelines are utilized when work is required near the edge of a rooftop providing fall restraint. Each project is unique, requiring different layouts, anchor types, and procedures.

High Engineering provides design, supply, installation, and user training specific to each project. We ensure that our solutions meet all federal and provincial requirements, addressing specific site conditions.

Our structural engineers verify compatibility with existing structures and perform specific analyses to ensure the safety of every worker.

Window Washing Solutions Include:


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