When industrial cranes and overhead fall protection have to share the same space.

Industrial operations that utilize ceiling-mounted cranes to assist in the handling of heavy or cumbersome material, are often busy and noisy environments to work. However, they don’t have to be unsafe.

Effective and capable crane operators will have a high level of training,  experience and often use spotters to reduce the likelihood of personal injury, risks to others and property damage. When tasks and work routines require them to leave the ground level, they will be properly “tied off” and in the best cases, protected by complaint fall protection from High Engineering.

Fall Protection for Crane Maintenance

When inspecting cranes it is necessary to assess all structural supports and mechanical components to ensure proper function and the system is free from damage. Often lifts are used to perform this type of work. In some cases fall protection is integrated.

Fall Protection for Crane Operation

Crane operators will often require fall protection when they are loading/unloading and positioning material on flatbed trailers. However, fall protection systems, anchorages, and administrative controls are required for a wide variety of routines. What makes crane settings unique is that fall protection lanyards and crane hoists will often share the same space. Systems must account for this and our engineers know how it’s done.

Common Crane Solutions
  • Rigid Track – often integrated along the runway for operation at height
  • Single Point Attachment – to provide arrest at specific areas for maintenance and inspection
  • Elevated Walkways & Guardrail – installed above or around a large gantry cranes for maintenance and inspection
Fall Safety Solutions for Industrial Enviornments

Guardrail Systems

Designed to provide perimeter, walkway, and edge fall protection, a High Engineering guardrail system eliminates rooftop falls, alerts workers of potential fall hazards, and provides assistance to pedestrians.

Pipe Rack Systems

High Engineering enables safe daily maintenance and inspection activities for piperacks.
Crossover Platforms

Crossovers and Walkways

Tripping hazards, slippery and unstable surfaces on rooftops are dangerous hazards for work being completed on roofs.

Rigid Rail Systems

From design through implementation, High Engineering delivers worry-free rigid rail systems with turnkey service.

Overhead Lifeline

High Engineering’s overhead horizontal lifelines are economically designed to provide continual protection for working at height.
Single Point Anchor

Single Point Anchors

Single point anchors provide excellent fall protection for applications where a worker’s task is isolated to a small area.

Vertical Lifelines

Ladder safety has become more of a focus in the industry as the dangers associated with climbing and working off ladders have become more apparent.

Pallet Gates

Provide permanent hazard protection and keep workers away from the edge when moving materials between different working heights with a Kee Pallet Gate from High Engineering.

Access Hatch Railing

Access hatch railings supplied by High Engineering provide a permanent means of guarding an open hatch and serves as grab bars to help you move in and out of the hatch.

Skylight Fall Protection

Serious and fatal injuries have occurred as a result of workers performing tasks near skylights without proper fall protection measures in place.

Self Closing Gates

KeeGate is a quick and easy to install solution for protecting ladder and stair access points, as well as hatches and restricted access zones.

Custom Solutions

Not every hazard can be mitigated using modular and standardized components.
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