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High Engineering rigid rail systems feature an enclosed track with optional bypass capability. No other rigid fall protection system provides by-pass capability combined with the enclosed track for up to 4 or more parallel tracks.

Our enclosed track systems provide an unprecedented 1:100 movement-to-weight ratio. Even in high overhead situations, such as wide-body hangers, the retractable lifeline remains overhead at all times completely eliminating any potential for an in-line swing fall.

All structural components are hot-dipped galvanized and/or painted for added durability and corrosion control.  Trolley wheels feature sealed bearings, resulting in years of maintenance-free use. Systems are designed in unlimited lengths. Our modular style makes it easy to add sections and we even design with expansion in mind to further reduce costs when the time comes.

Increase Productivity

Rigid Rail systems are designed to support as many as 8 users with optional by-pass on a single overhead solution enabling more efficient and effective work routines without jeopardizing safety.

Easy to Use

Although fall arrest systems require proper safety training and a rescue procedure, overhead rigid rail lifeline systems are completely hands-free and enable users to concentrate on the task at hand.

Shorter Fall Distance

Rigid rail systems have the advantage over cable-based lifeline systems because they reduce fall distance and are often preferred when work is performed less than 12’ above a lower level.


Our enclosed track rigid rail systems are the most reliable engineered fall protection in use today and the 1:100 movement-to-weight ratio keeps the lifeline directly overhead eliminating in-line swing fall.

Overhead Enclosed Track Rigid Rail Resources

Advantages of Enclosed Track Rigid Rail

  • Easily moved by one person.
  • Spans between supports of up to 64’.
  • Up to 15’ of cantilever.
  • Curves and intersections available.
  • Single enclosed track can support up to 4 users
  • Twin enclosed track can support up to 8 users.
  • Available in hot dipped galvanized or painted yellow.
  • Fall Arrest distances less than 42”.
  • Low friction trolley design keeps retractable lifeline overhead at all times.
  • Distributed arrest forces allow for support from light structures.
  • Bypass capability for users with up to 4 parallel tracks.
  • No debris build up due to enclosed design ensures smooth operation of trolley.
  • Compliant with all current CSA, OSHA and ANSI standards.
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