Fixed fall protection can sometimes complicate or inhibit operations.

Folding rigid rail systems provide all of the same features and benefits as fixed systems but are able to be swung out of the way when not in use.

High Engineering’s folding rigid systems usually attach to existing structural beams. Short folding rigid rails up to 40’-50’ can be operated manually and longer systems are motorized to swing in and out at the push of a button.

Compact Design

The column-mounted swing arm design of this overhead system enables 180-degree coverage when fall protection is required and folds out of the way when floor space is at a premium.

Custom Designs

Systems are designed with a variety of different arm reaches, to support single or multi-users and can attach to building structures using multiple methods including weld-on or using bolt-on bracketry.

Minimizes Swing Hazard

The unique design of the hinged jib arm enables the trolley of this folding rigid rail arrest system to be positioned directly overhead users within small to medium work areas.


These innovative systems use CSA Z259.2, OSHA 1910, and ANSI Z359.6 standards for engineered fall protection as a minimum benchmark for design to provide safe & reliable solutions to user.

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Advantages of Enclosed Track Rigid Rail

  • Folds away when not in use
  • Can support multiple users simultaneously
  • Unlimited lengths and up to 50’ between spans
  • Arm lengths up to 20’ from column supports
  • Easy and quick connection for workers
  • Minimal fall distances, for work heights as low as 4’
  • Better load distribution allowing attachment to lighter structures
  • Durable design allows for years of use with minimal maintenance
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