Protect maintenance and inspection crews working at height in hangars and over runways.

High Engineering has designed and installed fall protection systems for a wide range of  maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), manufacturing and commercial aircraft applications to address the needs of both the private sector and government.

When designing a fall protection system for aircraft hangars many factors are taken into consideration including: fall distance, number of users, aircraft locations, and future expansion.  Our solutions are designed to ensure the safety of the worker and so easy to use that workers are encouraged to tie off.

Whether your hangar requires a bridge design or ceiling-mounted system, our designs integrate with existing support structures to provide an efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and secure fall protection solution. High Engineering also provides portable and ground-supported fall protection options that are ideal for outdoor applications.

Our team of fall protection engineers work with clients to assess the hazards, reach a full understanding of the work requirements, and create 3D renderings of the solution prior to installation to save costs and time.

Aircraft Fall Safety Solutions

Rigid Rail Systems

From design through implementation, High Engineering delivers worry-free rigid rail systems with turnkey service.

Overhead Horizontal Lifelines

High Engineering’s overhead horizontal lifelines are economically designed to provide continual protection for working at height.

Single Point Anchors

Single point anchors provide excellent fall protection for applications where a worker’s task is isolated to a small area.

Portable Fall Protection

Freestanding fall arrest solutions are used to help overcome a wide variety of challenges where conventional systems may not be advisable, possible or necessary.

Work Platforms

Work Platforms offer a stable work area that are easy to move between locations.

Custom Solutions

Not every hazard can be mitigated using modular and standardized components.
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