It’s important to ensure that worker safety isn’t compromised when meeting supply chain demands.

Distribution centers and warehousing that rely on fast-moving picking and sorting activities using forklifts, elevated work surfaces, conveyors, and mezzanines which can present dangerous and sometimes lethal workplace hazards.

Fall arrest and travel restraint systems aren’t the first solutions that come to mind when those outside of the safety industry are designing warehouses and distribution centers. High Engineering understands how to retrofit and apply safety systems within existing structures and established operations. High Engineering provides a range of standard and custom fall protection solutions and years of problem-solving experience to address the most complex needs of today’s distribution centers.

Distribution Fall Safety Solutions
Ground-Based Railing

Ground Based Railing

High Engineering’s ground-based guardrail, made of Kee Klamp components, can be set to achieve almost any configuration.

Self Closing Gates

Kee Gate is a quick and easy to install solution for protecting ladder and stair access points, as well as hatches and restricted access zones.

Pallet Gates

Provide permanent hazard protection and keep workers away from the edge when moving materials between different working heights with a Kee Pallet Gate from High Engineering.
Enclosed Track

Enclosed Track

No other rigid fall protection system provides by-pass capability combined with the enclosed track for up to 4 or more parallel tracks.

Single Point Anchors

Single point anchors provide excellent fall protection for applications where a worker’s task is isolated to a small area.
Crossover Platforms

Crossovers and Walkways

Tripping hazards, slippery and unstable surfaces on rooftops are dangerous hazards for work being completed on roofs.

Work Platforms

When workers require the use of two hands for a task at height, a platform can be the best solution to protect them.

Custom Solutions

Not every hazard can be mitigated using modular and standardized components.
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