Freestanding fall arrest solutions are used to help overcome a wide variety of challenges where conventional systems may not be advisable, possible or necessary.

From outdoor skid-mounted horizontal rail where overhead anchor points don’t exist to dead-weight anchor portable arrest systems for roofing contractors, High Engineering provides a variety of effective portable fall protection options.

Our wide variety of pre-engineered configurations meet most applications requirement. However, ff additional customization is needed, our engineers work with customers to ensure your system is optimal for your work environment.

Portable Fall Protection

Portable Rigid Rail

Featuring a closed track design and engineered for mobility.

Portable Horizontal Lifelines

Ideal for when large areas of the roof needs fall protection.

Portable Anchor Points

Non-penetrating weighted mobile single point anchor systems.

Portable Stairs

Freestanding stair systems represent a cost-effective and versatile option for providing compliant fall protection.


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