Whether you require a horizontal or a vertical lifeline system to access your work area, High Engineering offers world class systems.

Whether designed for an overhead application, such as an aircraft hangar, or at foot level on a rooftop, our team has engineered and installed lifeline systems ensuring the safety of thousands of workers. Our fall protection experts are ready to design, install, and certify a range of lifeline systems to bring your operations into compliance and safeguard your work at height.

Lifeline Systems

Rooftop Horizontal Lifelines

Our rooftop horizontal lifelines have undergone rigorous testing to validate conformance around the world.

Overhead Horizontal Lifelines

High Engineering’s overhead horizontal lifelines are economically designed to provide continual protection for working at height.

Pipe Rack Horizontal Lifelines

Accessing pipe racks is inherently dangerous due to the uneven walking surface.

Portable Horizontal Lifelines

On flat roofs where temporary protection is required, the portable horizontal lifeline system is a non-penetrating solution.

Vertical Lifelines

Ladder safety has become more of a focus in the industry as the dangers associated with climbing and working off ladders have become more apparent.


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