Controlling and Eliminating Fall Hazards

High Engineering is a diverse group of expert structural, mechanical, and industrial engineers dedicated to one mission… protecting lives through Fall Prevention, Fall Restraint, and Fall Arrest systems. Browse our top product categories below.

Anchor Points

Whether being used for fall arrest or travel restraint, anchor points are an economical means of protecting workers when a guardrail system isn’t suitable.

Custom Solutions

Our team of Engineers can design custom solutions to ensure compliance with local regulations, codes and standards.

Crossovers and Walkways

The use of crossovers allows for ease of access between varying roof elevations, over tripping hazards, over openings and parapets.

Guardrail Systems

Designed to provide perimeter, walkway, and edge fall protection High Engineering guardrail systems seek to eliminate rooftop falls, alert workers of potential fall hazard areas, and provide assistance to pedestrians.

Lifeline Systems

Our fall protection experts have developed tools to determine fall distances quickly and accurately to keep your employees safe.

Pallet Gates

Pallet Gates feature a heavy-duty industrial design and corrosion resistance to extend the life of the system.

Portable Fall Protection

Freestanding fall arrest solutions are used to help overcome a wide variety of challenges where conventional systems may not be advisable, possible or necessary.

Rigid Rail Systems

From design through implementation, High Engineering delivery worry-free rigid rail systems with turnkey service.

Self Closing Gates

With its durable and reliable design, Kee Gate is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Skylight Protection

Skylight guards offer a passive form of fall protection that prevents a worker from falling through a skylight.

Work Platforms

When workers require the use of two hands for a task at height, a platform can be the best solution to protect them.

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