From shopping centers and billboards to standalone retail flagship locations, High Engineering is a turnkey provider of innovative commercial retail fall protection solutions.

Western Canada retailers have relied on High Engineering compliant systems and world-class customer service for over 20 years. Our innovative fall protection solutions have been installed by some of the most recognizable brands and fast-paced warehousing operations in the marketplace.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to small and large businesses that High Engineering is providing access to the latest fall protection technology and best in class fall protection engineers. Our specialists consult, design, supply, install and inspect a range of solutions. We provide services that are tailored to your operations and our products, which means you can focus on your operations and eliminate risk when it comes to protecting people from fall hazards.

When dealing in public settings, retail locations can present unique fall protection and access challenges. Typically ground-based systems such as ADA railing and guardrail are the most common need that High Engineering addresses. However, every location is unique and there are a range of hazards that people can be exposed to. Fall arrest systems are going to the utilized in less public parts of your business such as the roof and warehouse.

Contact High Engineering today to discuss which safeguards are right for your employees and patrons.

Retail & Commercial Solutions Include
Retail & Commercial Applications

Whether your product is a self-installation, supervised installation, or you require turn key installation services, High Engineering Fall Protection specialists are standing by to assist you. Get started by requesting a quote or contact us at (403) 287 0475.

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