Safety innovations for work at height performed in the extraction, refining and storage of oil & gas.

Accessing piperacks is inherently dangerous due to the uneven walking surface. Limited structural steel above the piperack restricts the installation of overhead fall protection.

From single access point solution to engineered pass-through systems to provide continuous protection along the entire length of the piperack, High Engineering enables safe daily maintenance and inspection activities. Where work platforms are needed to safely perform tasks, we’ve provided those as well.

Our standardized design methodology addresses 90% of the pipe rack needs in the industry and our custom engineered solutions addresses the balance. Our process allows for a more economical solution, faster lead times, and seamless integration with our customer’s procedures and structures.

Standardized offerings for pipe racks include Vertical and Horizontal Lifelines, Permanent Ladders with Vertical Lifelines, Crossover Platforms, Permanent and Temporary Platforms, Elevated Walkways, Guardrails, and Stair Access Systems.

We works with customers to develop a comprehensive fall protection plan. In addition to addressing the needs related to your pipe racks, High Engineering has the experience to address all the fall hazards common to extraction, refining and storage work.  We provide railing, protection systems designed for tanks, and can prevent fall hazards around pits.

We identify and prioritize high risk areas where falls are likely to occur. After this process is complete, High Engineering recommends fall protection solutions that address every relevant statute, regulation, and guideline that applies to your facility.

Piperack Solutions Include:

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Pipe Racks Applications

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