Fall protection engineers that anticipate and address growing demands of utility and energy

High Engineering utility and energy customers have come to rely on our ability to provide fall protection solutions that are just as rugged and hardworking as they are. Whether the source is renewable or fossil fuel facilities, we understand the concerns and demands involved with the generation, control, transmission and distribution of energy.

The nature of work performed at height and the unique environmental factors within the utility and energy can often overlap or compound into difficult hazards to address. High Engineering prides itself on tackling difficult challenges and providing clear and effective solutions.

High Engineering has designed and implemented a variety of solutions for utility and energy facilities including fall protection solutions for wind & solar, hydroelectric, energy extraction, refining, and storage, telecommunications, and more.

By partnering with us, our customers address worker-specific safety concerns and become more capable at addressing facility-wide compliancy requirements. High Engineering is a leader in providing innovative methods to leverage the hierarchy of controls to reduce risk and create operational efficiencies.

When solution design and engineering is necessary, whether horizontal, vertical, inclined or a combination of fall protection systems, the High Engineering team is with you every step of the process, from solutions selection to install all the way through user training, inspection, certification and certification for the lifetime of your solution.

Utility Fall Safety Solutions
Single Point Anchor

Single Point Anchors

Single point anchors provide excellent fall protection for applications where a worker’s task is isolated to a small area.

Pipe Rack Horizontal Lifelines

Accessing pipe racks is inherently dangerous due to the uneven walking surface.

Portable Fall Protection

Freestanding fall arrest solutions are used to help overcome a wide variety of challenges where conventional systems may not be advisable, possible or necessary.
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