High Engineering’s team of fall protection experts will evaluate your location and perform an analysis to identify the hazards that present a danger to your employees and third-party workers.

Our team of fall protection experts use in‐depth assessments to identify risks and propose solutions to equip customers so they can make sound decisions to address hazards. A powerhouse of expertise, focusing our unique talents and more than 15 years of fall protection design & engineering into the most comprehensive hazard analysis and mitigation plans in the industry. Since 2005, High Engineering has leveraged its expertise to quickly identify hazards and effectively determine the best solutions for our customers. Since resources, both time and money, are seldom available to deal with all hazards at once, our relative ranking summary allows our clients to optimize their budgets for addressing hazards.  

Shorter Project Timeline

Since experienced fall protection specialists are conducting the at height risk & hazard assessments, engineering time and expense is reduced, and clients get to the solution stage earlier and more effectively.

Comprehensive Plans

Our multi-facility compliance strategies take the most stringent and restrictive regulations into consideration and mitigate risk by enabling a high standard of protection to be applied consistently across all locations.

Optimize Budget

Our relative ranking summary allows solution roll-out to be prioritized so that time and money is optimized when resources are not available to deal with all hazards at once.

Healthier Culture

Implementing compliant controls and solutions to assist in conducting safe at height work helps prevent unnecessary accidents, fines and penalties and often leads to a more productive and happier workplace.

Fall Hazard Survey Resources

Hazard Survey Deliverables

  • Fall Hazard Report 
    • Identification and definition of fall hazards related to each work task
    • Relative ranking number for each fall hazard based on objective observations
    • Comprehensive summaries of hazards ranked by their relative ranking number
    • Prioritization of the hazards based on the relative ranking numbers
    • Identification of one or more Occupational Health and Safety compliant fall hazard mitigation options
  • Budgetary Estimates 
    • Budgetary estimates for each fall hazard are created, which may include:
      • Design
      • Material supply
      • Installation
      • Testing and certification
      • User manuals including system specific fall protection procedures
      • End user system familiarization training
  • Presentations 
    • As requested, High Engineering’s fall protection specialists can present the findings of the hazard survey to key stake holders. These presentations provide invaluable access to the top fall protection specialists in Canada.

What does my company need to provide for this fall hazard survey?
To perform a fall hazard survey, our fall protection specialists will require our clients to escort us around site. Our client’s escort needs to understand the work tasks at each location and answer questions regarding frequency of access, duration, number of workers required and existing mitigation solutions. If drawings of the building are available, they should be made available to our team prior to mobilizing to site.

How long does a hazard survey take?
Depending on the size of your facility and number of working at height locations, our fall protection specialists will need to be on site for anywhere from 2 hours to several days.

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Whether your project is a self-installation, supervised installation, or you require turnkey services, High Engineering Fall Protection specialists are standing by to assist you. Get started by requesting a quote or contact us at (403) 808-3702.

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