Designed to provide perimeter, walkway, and edge fall protection High Engineering guardrail systems seek to eliminate rooftop falls, alert workers of potential fall hazard areas, and provide assistance to pedestrians.

In Canada alone, more than 40,000 workers get injured annually due to working at heights. High Engineering provides a number of solutions to help safeguard against the dangers of working at height.

Known in the industry as Passive Fall Protection and Administrative Controls, Guardrail and Handrail Systems are just two ways you can provide a layer of protection to your staff and contractors. Set up physical barriers around unprotected edges, cover holes, and increase awareness of a fall hazard with our Guardrail Systems.

Guardrail Systems

Warning Line

Modular, free-standing demarcation warning lines provide high visibility to controlled access zones.

Ground-Based Railing

Made of Kee Klamp components, ground-based railings can be set to achieve almost any configuration.

Guardrail for Metal Roofs

This rigid barrier protects workers on standing seam or corrugated metal roofs with no training required.

Parapet Railing

When a parapet is not tall enough to protect people, consider a permanent parapet railing.

Access Hatch Railing

Access hatch railings provide a permanent means of guarding an open hatch and providing grab bars.

Freestanding Guardrails

Free-standing guardrails provide a high degree of protection for workers at heights.


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