Not every hazard can be mitigated using modular and standardized components.

Our team of Fall Protection Specialists visit your site and our Engineers examine your architectural plans, structural plans, elevations, etc. to provide superior protection to your workers.

Whether you require custom Anchor Points, Horizontal Lifelines, Rigid Rail Systems, Guardrail, or something one-off to fit your operations, High Engineering ensures compliance with safety regulations and local building codes.

Our relationships with fabricator’s across Canada and the United States allow us to provide custom turn-key designs quickly and cost effectively to our clients across North America. Contact our engineering team today to determine how we provide solutions to our clients to provide safe work environments.


Our custom design process starts with field engineers evaluating the specific maintenance operations being performed and the supporting building structures to produce designs in accordance with ANSI/COHS/OSHA requirements.

Long Term Compliance

Our competent and qualified team uses decades of experience to ensure solutions are properly developed, implemented, used, serviced, inspected, and remain compliant with the latest standards and regulations.

Reliable Construction

Our engineered fall protection solutions are delivered quickly and cost-effectively throughout North American using our network of fabricators and test facilities that share our commitment to quality, service, and innovation.

Improved Productivity

When engineered fall protection solutions are developed specifically for the operation and designed to fit any set processes, work routines, and user behaviors, improved safety can produce operational efficiencies.

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Whether your project is a self-installation, supervised installation, or you require turnkey services, High Engineering Fall Protection specialists are standing by to assist you. Get started by requesting a quote or contact us at (403) 808-3702.

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