Tripping hazards, slippery and unstable surfaces on rooftops are dangerous hazards for work being completed on roofs.

The use of crossovers allows for ease of access between varying roof elevations, over tripping hazards, over openings and parapets. For slippery or unstable working surfaces, our platforms and walkways provide safe means of access, egress, and walking surfaces.

Our walkways are non-penetrating, conquer any slope up to 35 degrees, provide a non-slip walking surface and are designed to meet all regulatory safety requirements. Also used to designate safe walking areas for workers accessing rooftops, keeping them a safe distance from unprotected edges.

Our crossovers and stepovers provide safe access up and over rooftop obstructions. They are custom built and meet the specific requirements of your rooftop surface and provide a safe route over pipework, HVAC and other rooftop obstructions.

Designed for multiple roof types including:

  • Standing seam roofs
  • Metal profile roofs
  • Membrane roofs with concrete or metal decks
Crossovers and Walkways
Crossover Platforms

Crossover Platforms

There are multiple risks to rooftop workers that don’t involve falling over the edge. Air ducts, pipes, skylights, interior parapets, and other obstacles are often hazardous to employees.
Rooftop Walkway

Rooftop Walkways

Roofs are often damaged during maintenance tasks when workers need to walk across a roof.
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