Ironically the heating, cooling, and power requirements of large public buildings devoted to wellness and learning make their rooftops some of the most dangerous places to be.

When it comes to hospitals and learning institutions, High Engineering fall protection experts determine the right equipment to protect contractors, maintenance personnel, even teachers and students conducting instruction, while accessing heights. Our range of solutions are used to provide safe access and in some cases even prevent access to dangerous areas.

Workers need to access heights for several reasons including maintenance tasks for rooftop mechanical units on hospitals or overhead lights in a school’s theater. There could be occasions when teachers decide to conduct classroom study on rooftops. In the case of hospitals equipped with helicopter pads, safe access and secure walkways are critical.

We have designed and installed guardrail, handrail, lifelines, stepovers, work platforms, and a range of custom engineered systems such as rigid rails and catwalks to safeguard work at height. High Engineering reviews all the available mitigation options with our clients to ensure the systems meet the standards and regulations while not impeding the work being completed. In fact, we develop specialized work procedures for each project and deliver on site end user training for all workers and supervisors to enhance safety and productivity.

Fall Safety Solutions for Health & Education Centers
Freestanding Guardrails

Guardrail Systems

Designed to provide perimeter, walkway, and edge fall protection, a High Engineering guardrail system eliminates rooftop falls, alerts workers of potential fall hazards, and provides assistance to pedestrians.
Ground-Based Railing


Made of Kee Klamp components, ground-based railings can be set to achieve almost any configuration.
Parapet Railing

Parapet Railing

When a parapet is not tall enough to protect people, consider a permanent parapet railing.

Crossovers & Walkways

The use of crossovers allows for ease of access between varying roof elevations, over tripping hazards, over openings and parapets.

Skylight Protection

Skylight guards offer a passive form of fall protection that prevents a worker from falling through a skylight.

Rooftop Horizontal Lifelines

Our rooftop horizontal lifelines have undergone rigorous testing to validate conformance around the world.

Vertical Lifelines

Ladder safety has become more of a focus in the industry as the dangers associated with climbing and working off ladders have become more apparent.

Static Platforms

Static work platforms address the hazards associated with working off a ladder.

Rigid Post Anchors

Tieback Anchors are strictly regulated by provincial and federal government agencies.
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