Collective and personal fall protection consultation, design, engineering, fabrication, installation and testing all under one roof.

National and provincial Canadian fall protection standards for rooftops are becoming more stringent, and rightly so.   Falls account for three-fourths of all fatalities in the roofing industry. When you add in serious injuries, the result is sobering. Roof maintenance and repair workers and contractors put themselves at risk every time they mount a roof and perform their work. Fortunately most fall-related deaths and injuries can be prevented with proper fall protection solutions, training and procedures.

Due to our practical, regulatory, and technical leadership, building owners, architects, and construction contractors are specifying High Engineering solutions for their roof work now than any other time in the history of our company.

High Engineering provides code compliant design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and testing fall protection services for every type of rooftop there is. Over the years, we’ve lead regulatory standards development and built a vast portfolio of permanent and temporary solutions to address rooftops fall hazards. All of our solutions are designed to the highest standards and often exceed current regulatory requirements. Our systems are user-friendly and non-intrusive while providing continuous, uncompromising safety while working at height.

Rooftop Solutions Include:

Engagements begin with a comprehensive evaluation of  your roof by one of our specialists. We perform a fall hazard assessment, produce a findings report and cover the results with you. In cases where changes to behavior or processes can’t eliminate the hazards standard kits and products can be leveraged to address common hazards. Our industry leading component-based modular systems are easily configured to address a range of rooftop applications. Installation and certification crews ensure the system is safe, secure, and at least meets national and provincial standards.

Our solution-minded team of fall protection experts provide peace of mind. Professionally engineered and compliant solutions based on specific needs and requirements. Find out why so many choose High Engineering as their CSA/OSHA-compliant fall protection technology partner today.


Whether your product is a self-installation, supervised installation, or you require turn key installation services, High Engineering Fall Protection specialists are standing by to assist you. Get started by requesting a quote or contact us at (403) 287 0475.

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