Collective and personal fall protection consultation, design, engineering, fabrication, installation and testing to improve rooftop safety.

National and provincial Canadian fall protection standards for rooftops are becoming more stringent, and rightly so.  Falls account for three-fourths of all fatalities in the roofing industry. When you add in serious injuries, the result is sobering. Roof maintenance and repair workers and contractors put themselves at risk every time they mount a roof and perform their work. Fortunately, most fall-related deaths and injuries can be prevented with proper fall protection solutions, training and procedures.

Due to our practical, regulatory, and technical leadership, building owners, architects, and construction contractors are specifying High Engineering solutions such as rooftop walkways, horizontal lifeline, and guardrail for their roof work now, more than any other time in the history of our company.

High Engineering provides code compliant design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and testing fall protection services for every type of rooftop there is. Over the years, we’ve lead regulatory standards development and built a vast portfolio of permanent and temporary solutions to address rooftops fall hazards. All of our fall protection systems are designed to the highest standards and often exceed current regulatory requirements. Our systems are user-friendly and non-intrusive while providing continuous, uncompromising safety while working at height.

Engagements begin with a comprehensive evaluation of  your roof by one of our specialists. We perform a fall hazard assessment, produce a findings report and cover the results with you. In cases where changes to behavior or processes can’t eliminate the hazards standard kits and products can be leveraged to address common hazards. Our industry leading component-based modular systems are easily configured to address a range of rooftop applications. Installation and certification crews ensure the system is safe, secure, and at least meets national and provincial standards.

Our solution-minded team of fall protection experts provide peace of mind. Professionally engineered and compliant solutions based on specific needs and requirements. Find out why so many choose High Engineering as their CSA/OSHA-compliant fall protection technology partner today.

Rooftop Fall Safety Solutions
Freestanding Guardrails

Freestanding Guardrail

Free-standing guardrails provide a high degree of protection for workers at heights.
Access Hatch Railing

Access Hatch Railing

Access hatch railings supplied by High Engineering provide a permanent means of guarding an open hatch and serves as grab bars to help you move in and out of the hatch.
Parapet Railing

Parapet Railing

Parapets are not always constructed with safety in mind. When a parapet is not tall enough to protect people, consider a permanent parapet railing from High Engineering.
Guardrail for Metal Roofs

Guardrail for Metal Roofs

One of the most adaptable passive fall protective systems High Engineering offers is the guardrail for metal roofs. This rigid barrier protects workers on standing seam or corrugated metal roofs with no training required.
Warning Line

Warning Lines

Modular, free-standing demarcation warning lines from High Engineering provide high visibility to controlled access zones.

Rooftop Horizontal Lifelines

Our rooftop horizontal lifelines have undergone rigorous testing to validate conformance around the world. This versatile system provides economical and seamless protection for workers where rooftop maintenance tasks are required.

Portable Horizontal Lifelines

On flat roofs where temporary protection is required, the portable horizontal lifeline system is a non-penetrating solution. Unique layouts are analyzed by our Engineers to verify the proper amount of weights required at each anchor.

Single Point Anchors

Single point anchors provide excellent fall protection for applications where a worker’s task is isolated to a small area. We produce anchors to protect workers on roofs, within buildings at mezzanines, on top of internal structures, and for those performing rescue operations.

Freestanding/Portable Roof Anchor

High Engineering’s freestanding portable anchors bridge the gap between temporary and non-penetrating fall protection solutions. Assembly takes between 15 and 20 minutes on average and each component weighs no more than 56 lbs.
Crossover Platforms

Crossovers and Walkways

Tripping hazards, slippery and unstable surfaces on rooftops are dangerous hazards for work being completed on roofs.

Skylight Protection

Serious and fatal injuries have occurred as a result of workers performing tasks near skylights without proper fall protection measures in place.

Custom Solutions

Not every hazard can be mitigated using modular and standardized components. For those situations, our team of Engineers design custom solutions to ensure compliance.
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