Providing complete and continuous fall protection and safe access solutions for stadium and arena employees.

A comprehensive fall protection strategy is vital for large, multi-purpose public event spaces such as stadiums, arenas, theatres and convention halls. With their visual displays, sound reinforcement systems, scoreboards, temporary and permanent lighting rigs towering overhead at heights of 90 feet or more, stadiums in particular can present unique challenges.

High Engineering has partnered with both large and small venues to provide assessments, consultation, design and fabrication of fall protection systems, training, and certifications to ensure public safety and protect staff.

Typical Stadium & Arena Hazards:

Fall safety hazards that are unique to these venues include:

  • Maintenance and construction tasks conducted at uncommonly dangerous heights.
  • The need for compliant crowd control and various forms of public barriers
  • Lighting and sound design crews that are often required to scale towers and perform work that has them navigating truss work, girders & catwalks.
  • Numerous access points and potential fall hazards.
Typical Stadium & Arena Solutions:
  • Cable based horizontal lifelines that covers long spans and provide continuous pass through to accommodate multiple users on rigging grids.
  • Modular and flexible ground-based railing systems designed to be esthetically pleasing while providing compliant collective fall protection.
  • Horizontal rooftop lifeline, walkways, stopovers and guardrail systems
  • Custom catwalk, ladder systems and elevated work platforms.

Whether the application is indoors or outdoors, has a simple truss-supported roof or a more exotic design, High Engineering excels at assessing the need and developing flexible and expandable fall protection systems for public spaces. However, we don’t stop there. Providing safe and effective fall protection requires expert design and installation, along with proper training of maintenance personnel.

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