Extend the range and flexibility of fall protection coverage with High Engineering’s traveling bridge style enclosed rigid rail systems.

Bridge systems are ideal for industrial applications with overhead cranes, maintenance applications such as aviation hangers and in cases where fall protection is needed in multiple areas.

Our bridge systems are constructed of steel or aluminum and can often be retrofitted to existing overhead crane runways. Using a dual runway that supports the rigid rail, High Engineering’s bridge style rigid rail systems provide an unprecedented level of fall protection.  The traveling bridge reduces the chance of swing falls by keeping the attachment point over the workers head. In many cases, rigid rail bridge systems enable our customers to change the layout of shop floor operations without changing their fall protection system.

Maximum Coverage

Cartesian Bridge overhead fall protection systems can be positioned anywhere along the runway to provide coverage over large areas and assist in positioning the anchor point directly overhead the worker.


Structural components are hot-dipped galvanized for added durability and corrosion control and trolleys feature Teflon wheels with sealed bearings resulting in years of maintenance free use.


Bridge style fall protection systems provide an unmatched value when considering their competitive initial cost and minimal ongoing maintenance with their efficient & effective functionality that results in increased productivity.


These innovative systems use CSA Z259.16, OSHA 1910, and ANSI Z359.6 standards for engineered fall protection as a minimum benchmark for design to provide safe & reliable solutions to users.

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Advantages of Bridge Style Rigid Rail

  • Easily moved by one person.
  • Bridge spans up to 50’
  • Dual enclosed tracks allow users on one bridge to have by pass capability.
  • Unlimited runway lengths.
  • Multiple bridges can be used on a set of runways.
  • Available in painted yellow or galvanized.
  • Provide full fall protection coverage in a large area.
  • Adaptable to changing requirements.
  • Works well in spaces with existing overhead cranes.
  • Limits swing fall distances.
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