Tieback Anchors are strictly regulated by provincial and federal government agencies.

Considering that most roofs vary in construction and design, tieback anchors must be engineered for a building’s specific construction.

Because of their high-risk application, tieback anchors must meet their own inspection and testing criteria. High Engineering is adept at designing and providing a solution for your specific roof type as well as performing initial and subsequent inspections and testing.

As required by the regulations and applicable standards, we provide engineered layouts and system use procedures within our project specific user manuals.

Features & Benefits:
  • Design, supply and installation that meets your specific needs
  • Offers great protection for high risk building maintenance tasks
  • Design, supply, installation, and maintenance is managed by one company
  • Complies with North American regulations, and applicable design standards including:
    • CSA Z271 Safety Code for Suspended Platforms, or
    • CSA Z91 Health and Safety Code for Suspended Equipment Operations
  • Systems are certified by our in-house Professional Engineers
Mounting Options:
  • Bolt Around: Best suited for new builds. Bolts around steel, concrete or wood structures using connector rods and a backer plate.
  • Bolt On: Best suited for retrofits. Clamps directly onto new or existing structural steel using patented and proprietary BeamClamp steel-to-steel connectors.
  • Welded: Works with either new builds or retrofits. Welds directly onto new or existing structural steel.
  • Chemical Adhesive: Best suited for retrofits. Fastens onto concrete roof slabs of minimum grade 3000 psi and 8” thickness.
  • Embedded: Best suited for new builds. Casts directly onto new concrete roof slabs of minimum grade 3000 psi and 7” thickness.
Attachment Options:
  • Stainless Steel U-Bar
  • Tapped Hole (Accepts Horizontal Lifeline mounting components)
  • Forged D-Ring


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