Roofs are often damaged during maintenance tasks when workers need to walk across a roof.

The Modular Rooftop Walkway system provided by High Engineering distributes loads from foot traffic across the roof system, reducing the impacts of a worker walking directly on the roof.

Currently there are no North American standards applicable to walkways of this kind. However, the Modular Rooftop Walkway system meets the standards of EN 516:2006 (Prefabricated Accessories for Roofing Installations for roof access Walkways, treads and steps).

No custom parts are required for the installation of the Modular Rooftop Walkway. The system is made up of standard 5 foot and 10 foot modules and has standard prefabricated components. The design and specification of rooftop walkways is quick and simple, installation is straight forward and efficient.

Modular Rooftop Walkway treads are designed to meet the loading and minimum width requirements of North American regulations. Our walkways are designed to withstand the required loadings in the: 

  • National Building Code of Canada (2015) 
  • Alberta Building Code 
  • Ontario Building Code 
  • International Building Code 

The system tread consists of a high-grade nylon with raised roughened sections providing exceptional slip resistance.  Treads come attached to pre-assembled sections. When supplied separately for shorter walkway sections, treads are quickly fastened in place using self-drilling screws. Spacers are incorporated into the tread design for correct alignment. Treads can be trimmed when necessary to adapt to tight spaces, for example if you had a 3ft area that required walkway we would trip 2ft off a standard 5ft section. 

The Modular Rooftop Walkway is engineered to make the design and installation of a walkway system across a sloping roof a simple and efficient process. A sub-frame is mounted to the rooftop and connected to walkway sections with hinged brackets at the rear of the assembly. Rotating arms at the front of the assembly are used to level the walking surface. Only standard components are needed for a complete walkway system. The product has great versatility and has been installed all over the world. 

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