Mobile Platforms offer a stable work area that are easy to move between locations.

Mobile platforms are component based using Kee Klamp or Kee Lite fittings making them extremely durable and fully customizable.

The mobility that a portable work platform allows means that work flow will not be interrupted. High Engineering’s team provides clear engineered drawings that are easy to follow for onsite assembly without the need for welding or cutting.

Features & Benefits:
  • Exceptional strength and corrosion resistance
  • Guardrails protect the user from falls
  • Easy to move between locations will not interrupt work flow
  • Engineered drawings are easy to follow for onsite assembly
  • Suitable flooring is available for a variety of applications
  • Padded bumper bars are available to prevent damage to equipment or vehicles
  • Manufactured using stock items for short delivery lead times
  • Modular design tailored to your needs


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