High Engineering offers a passive fall protection system: guardrails for metal roofs. This rigid barrier protects workers on standing seam or corrugated metal roofs with no training required.

Multiple fixing centers allow installation to a wide range of popular roofs. Installation is fast and simple with minimal to no roof penetrations.

High Engineering provides layouts meeting the requirements of local regulations and building codes.

Our 3D renders make it easy to understand how the systems are assembled and how the finished product will look on your roof.

COHS Compliant

Railing for metal standing seam roofs has been tested to prove compliance with regional building codes and exceeds  requirements for roof edge fall protection.

Custom Configurator

No matter the metal rooftop, Kee Guard mounting enables the same functionality and options as standard Kee Guard guardrail applications enabling it to accommodate varying angles, circular configurations, ladders, and obstructions.

Passive Protection

Metal roof guardrail becomes a feature of the rooftop providing secure and intuitive safety that requires no user training which makes it safer and more effective than active fall protection.

Easy Installation

Kee Guard uses S5U clamps to bolt to standing seam roofs without penetrations and the simplicity of its design enables quick and effective installation without the use of special tools.

Metal Rooftop Guardrail Resources

Advantages of Guardrail for Metal Rooftops

  • Collective (passive) protection for metal roofs
  • Easier specification means less site visits
  • Multiple fixing centers allow installation to a wide range of popular roofs
  • For standing seam roofs, non-penetrating 2-part clamp is used
  • Metal profile roofs fixed with minimal penetrations using rivets and butyl sealing strip
  • Modular “off the shelf” system, fast installation
  • Easily accommodates ridges, valleys, corners, changes in level and self-closing gates
  • Available in galvanized steel or aluminum finish
  • Complies with North American Standards
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