Access hatch railings supplied by High Engineering provide a permanent means of guarding an open hatch and serves as grab bars to help you move in and out of the hatch.

The modular construction means it can be easily installed onto all roof hatches without penetrating the roof membrane, or onto various floor systems for floor hatches.

Our Engineers create compliant solutions by providing full layouts detailing the loading conditions, required components, and connection details.

OH&S Compliant

Kee Hatch exceeds most regulations and provides safe egress and ingress through roof hatches by enclosing the access point with an all-in-one barrier solution that includes guardrail, handrail and self-closing gate.

Aids Climber

The roof hatch railing contains no sharp edges or snag points and protects the opening while serving as a grab rail for climbers, providing safe transitions to and from ladders.

Fits All Hatches

With multiple sizes and configurations available, the Kee Hatch system is extremely flexible and adaptable, enabling it to scale and be integrated with all new or existing hatches including smoke vents.

Peace of Mind

Due to the frequency of use and inherent dangers of this convenient access point, rooftop workers fall through open roof hatches every year. With Kee Hatch, these accidents are completely preventable.

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Advantages of Access Hatch Railing

  • Safe egress and ingress through hatches
  • Can be used in conjunction with Kee Guard
  • Exceeds minimum strength requirements for railings
  • Suitable for all hatches
  • Contains no sharp edges or snag point
  • Protection of the opening when the hatch is open
  • Modular construction speeds installation
  • Galvanized finish for corrosion resistance or powder coating to desired color
  • Rails serve as grab bars for easy transfer to/from the hatch
  • Integrates into existing rooftop systems
  • Meets North American standards and regulations
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