Fall Protection For Bridge Maintenance

Whether it’s traversing cables, climbing towers, navigating arches, or inspecting girders and pier caps, performing maintenance and repairs on bridges can be perilous work without proper safety precautions.

High Engineering has designed and installed a variety of vertical and horizontal lifeline systems for a range of bridge types including truss, arch, beam, suspension, cantilevered, and cable-stayed. Our fall protection solutions help bridge workers conduct their jobs effectively and safely.


The flexibility of our fall protection systems lends themselves to the sometimes-complicated structures and unique safety requirements that bridges often have. For example, an inclined overhead lifeline system protects workers as they maintain cables. A horizontal system makes it safer to work on the underside of the bridge and a vertical system can enable safe access to the towers.


High Engineering uses only the best materials and a state-of-the-art design and fabrication process that stands up to the worst conditions. As part of our commitment to your personnel’s safety our team provides regular training and inspections of your safety system.

Bridge Solutions Include:
Bridges Applications

Whether your product is a self-installation, supervised installation, or you require turn key installation services, High Engineering Fall Protection specialists are standing by to assist you. Get started by requesting a quote or contact us at (403) 287 0475.

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